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Valentine day Haram And To All Muslim

History of Valentine's Day Celebration

When we talk about the history of Valentine's Day celebration we will find that there are three matters related thereto.

"« The first view people associate it with a festival celebration of ancient Rome before the advent of Christianity, called Lupercalia. Lupercalia was the consecration ceremony which was held from 13th to 18th February. Two first day they worship the goddess of love, for those ancient Romans called Juno Februata. On these young people choose the names of Roman girls to be their choice and put in a box. Each youth will then take the name from the box at random. Names girls shown in the paper will be a couple who will become objects of entertainment sex for a year.

On February 15, they asked for protection from harassment wolf deity Lupercalia. On this day they would sacrifice a dog and a goat. Then they will select two young Romans considered the most powerful to apply the blood to body and wash their hand with milk. Will be held after the grand parade is led by two young men and the two will hit the people who are on their way to skin the beast and the women would rush to receive the shot because they think it will increase their fertility.

"« The second relate to the death of the pastor of St.. Valentine of Rome during the reign of King named Claudius II. There are two versions of the story related to the St. This Valentine.

The first version. In the reign of Claudius II, the Romans, who worshiped the gods are hostile to Christianity and Christian missionaries were jailed and tortured. St. Valentine as a hardcore active professed Christianity and spread the teachings are also imprisoned by Claudius, c II. Rumored St. Valentine even in prison, he still taught and spread the religion among prisoners in jail in addition to the prison to help prisoners escape from jail. This event has been known to Claudius, c II, and he ordered the St. Valentine tortured and finally executed on February 14.

Sacrifices made by St. Valentine is considered by Christians as a great sacrifice for his love of religion. Even St. Valentine is equated with Jesus who is considered by Christians to death for the sins of the redeemed his people. It is said also that while in prison, he had fallen in love with the child of one prison officer and the end of its life before being murdered, he could write a love letter to the girl who signed From your Valentine (From Valentinemu). Then the Christians took it in conjunction with the February 14th to celebrate love for their pastor's death commemorate St. Valentine.

Second version. Claudius II thought that the young soldiers who are married are more strong and powerful while he was in the battle against those who were married. Thus Claudius, c II to prevent young men from marrying. However St.Valentine opposed to hard and he had the ceremony for the young men of Rome confidential. Activities St. Valentine eventually be discovered by Claudius, c II and he directed St. Valentine was arrested and hanged on 14 February 269 AD

A third opinion states this Valentine's Day celebration in conjunction with the nature of the bird breeding bird falls on the 14th February. This is the opinion of the English tradition.

Here we can see clearly that the origin of Valentine's Day celebration, there was no relationship of any relevance to the culture and the religion of Islam and Malay customs.


As already set forth in the al-Quran and al-Sunnah and agreed upon by the early generations of Muslims for the Muslim day of greatness which we welcome it was prescribed for Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Aidiladha. This as the word of God S.W.T.:

For every nation, have We made a particular Shari'a to follow and execute them, the experts do the other Shari'a syariatmu disputes in affairs, and summon (O Muhammad) mankind to the religion of your Lord, you are actually kerana above a straight path. al-Hajj: 67

Anas bin Malik said: The Prophet once came to Medina, while the population has two feast days. On both of them to play (fun) in the period of ignorance. Then the king said: Verily Allah has replaced both of them for you all with two better days, namely the feast of Aidiladha and Aidilfitri. - Hadith al-Nasaai, no: 959.

By Muslims ought to be only qualify themselves with the days of celebration to welcome the diiktiraf by Allah and His Messenger specifically for Muslims. After the end salafussoleh namely 3 times the best period for Muslims, the various day celebration has been added to the Islamic calendar as Mawlid al-Rasul, Israk Mikraj, Maal Hijrah, Nuzul al-Quran and others again. However, what is mendukacitakan Muslims in the early days has now celebrating feast days that are not directly related to Muslims instead It was derived from cultural and religious groups who reject the commandment of Allah like a welcome New Year's Day Valentine's Day and Halloween are we discussed this. There is a ban rather than the king s.a.w. to imitate the culture of pagan groups bercanggah with syarak and for those who imitate the culture of the heathen feared they would fall into this class.

His saying: Whoever resembles a people is he one of those them. - Hadith narrated by Imam Abu Dawud, Hadith no: 3512.

Welcome addition this Valentine's Day is a ceremony that since the hooks with the Ancient Romans and religion as well as Kristian has been described before. It is precisely for those who welcome the day he dreaded to fall into two classes such as have been spoken by the Prophet on top. If someone is mean to look back to celebrate the death of St. Valentine then no doubt such actions may lead to bahawa culprit expelled from Islam.

If he did not intend such a Valentine's Day and welcome to rejoice-ria than he actually has done a great kemungkaran kerana speech acts resemble the group that day who rebel against Allah SWT.

Additionally share this Valentine's Day greeting followed by actions that are contrary to syarak like free association between men and women, with berpeleseran to dispose of the places that do not necessarily suspicious and even hala membazir money by giving expensive gifts. On Valentine's Day welcomed the law, Shaykh al-Uthaymeen ¡¥ rh says: ¡§ So when in celebrating Valentine's Day is meant to commemorate the re-St. Valentine, then no doubt the man has been disbelieved bahawa. And if it does not mean it but just went along to others, then that person has done a great sin.

Promiscuity can not be denied when this Valentine's Day greeting to open the door of adultery while Allah swt ordered us to cover all the space that may lead to adultery. His words:

And do not approach fornication, adultery is actually a indecency and an evil way (that carries kerosakan). al-Israa 32

We have to remember bahawa groups hostile to Islam, will sentiasa tried planting the seeds of apostasy in Islam so that their souls away from the straight path of Allah SWT diredhai again. His words:

Jews and Christians are not ever going to agree or like unto you (O Muhammad) that you think their religion (which has terpesong it). Say (unto them): "Verily, guidance of Allah (Islam's true guidance)". Al-Baqarah (2): 120

By that they mempopularkan this Valentine's Day greeting in Islamic countries and reveal his address as a matter that is so romantic and wonderful for couples who want to prove their love feelings. This is exactly the attitude that Satan tried to adapt sentiasa immoral deeds that seem like a good case to be practiced by humans without feeling guilty. His Word

He said: "O my Lord! Kerana Thou hast made me astray, (then) for behold I will memperelokkan any kind of immoral to Adam and zuriatnya in this world, and I will put them all except among zuriat-zuriat Adam's servant servant is cleared of any shirk ". ¡V al-Hijr (15): 39-40

The argument-argument rests on top of it has formulated the ulamak bahawa Valentine's Day greeting is forbidden for all Muslims, and let the authorities take reasonable measures to prevent cultural groups who disbelieve in God than practiced by Muslims in Malaysia. The mass media should exalt prevented from this Valentine's Day greeting to the Muslims. As the turn of the mass media should be used to deploy the fatwas that forbid the ulamak Valentine's Day greeting.


In conclusion, we can conclude that the attitude of the younger generation of Muslims in Malaysia are Malays are celebrating Valentine's Day aims to mimic the hedonistic culture imported from the west. According to them the western culture is such a pattern reflects the latest and most suitable to live in modern times.

They are backward in imitating the western way of life is considered rigid and outdated. Thus we see the younger generation of Muslims lining up to adopt western lifestyles such as mentatu their body, a display of various fashion hair, dressed in a provocative fashion, independent practice association, visiting discotheques that served liquor and others.

For those with a lifestyle in such a way, they have managed to replicate a race that is considered highly developed. Yea, O youth of Islam, even as good as you imitate the western lifestyle, they will see you as people in Asia who came from the 3rd world is inferior compared to them. They will not see you all as equal, though you may want to emulate sunguh hard way of life.

Therefore, Muslims should feel proud of the religious beliefs and teachings of the symbols associated with it. Let us not be people who do not stand thus easily influenced by foreign cultures who try to be cultivated in the heart of our society in order to mislead us. Let us not too dikelabui with a worldly life berkiblatkan west as this Valentine's Day celebration. God's Word S.W.T.:

"O nation of this world's life is fun (for temporary) and the Hereafter that is the enduring." Surah al-Ghaafir: 39

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